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Sub Umbra is a music band in Veldhoven, in the south of the Netherlands. Sub Umbra consists of a wind orchestra, a percussion band (called “SUPercussion”) and a Festivity/Carnival band (called “Fîstkapel Veldhoven”). For those who are starting their music “career”, we have a band for the beginners (up to 2 years of music education) and a student band for the more advanced students.

The wind orchestra was founded in 1934 and performs in the first division of the Royal Dutch Federation of Music bands (KNfM). The orchestra currently consists of about 60 musicians and is well-known for their original, high standard musical performances.

New members are more than welcome to join Sub Umbra! In the Sub Umbra-family there is room for musicians, as well as for people with organizational talents.

The percussion band SUPercussion rehearses each Monday evening at 20:00h in community centre “De Ligt” in Veldhoven.
The rehearsals of the wind orchestra, beginners- and student band take place on Tuesday evening, also in “De Ligt”.
The beginners- and student band start at 18:30h, followed by the orchestra at 19:45h.

Rehearsal of "Fîstkapel Veldhoven" is each Wednesday at 20:00h in community centre 't Patronaat in Zeelst (Veldhoven).

Are you interested? Please let us know by filling in the contact form or by sending an e-mail to

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Music makes people smart!.... Do you already make music?

Laatste nieuws Sub Umbra:
11/07: Fogottist Piet stopt
14/05: Shaffy & Brass
04/03: Vriendenconcert
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Komende activiteiten:
Zondag 24 september | 11.30 tot 12.00 uur.
Middenorkest optreden Cityfest
De Schalm

zondag 1 oktober
Middenorkest Uitwisselingsconcert met Harmonie Best en Woensels muziek corps
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